Back On My Feet

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Back on My Feet


I am an elderly woman who, much to her regret, found AA and her Higher Power late in life. A few months ago, I celebrated my first anniversary. Having forged a wonderful relationship with this Higher Power, I rationalized that my need for AA was no longer that great. I went from attending six or seven meetings a week to one or two. What, after all, did an old lady have to offer?

Last week, a friend unexpectedly invited me to attend a meeting in a nearby town. Afterward, as we stepped from the light of the hall into the darkness, he offered his arm, which I took, as my night vision is absolutely nonexistent. But when we came to a group of men standing around talking and my friend stopped to join in, I let go of his arm and ventured forward alone.

Suddenly, I fell flat on my face. I lay there, shocked and disbelieving. Opening my eyes, I could see only a circle of hands reaching down. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I thought: “This is how it was when I first came to AA. I had fallen flat and the strong hands of AA reached down to help me up.”

Later, resting safely in my recliner, the lesson blossomed fully in my mind: “I still needed, would always need, the strong arm of AA to guide me. And God needed AA–maybe even me–to help him with the work of salvaging and maintaining us drunks.”



“Back On My Feet”.  04 June 2021