A-B-C’s of Meeting Topics

A-B-C’s of Meeting Topics

Over the years, many of us have attended or chaired hundreds of AA discussion meetings. Good sponsors teach us that, if we are to be a Chairperson, we should prepare a topic for the meeting.

Thoughtful preparation of a topic shows respect for the meeting attendees, and also shows that the Chairperson has thought very carefully about how the topic relates to his or her recovery. In the words of a wise AA, “you can’t give something away you ain’t got”.

    • A.  Acceptance, Amends, Anonymity, Anger
    • B.  Behavior, Belonging, Blackouts
    • C.  Conscience, Complacency, Complex
    • D.  Desire, Decisions, Depression
    • E.  Easy-Does-It, Emotions, Ego
    • F.  Faith, Fear, Fellowship, Fatigue
    • G.  Gratitude, God, Gossip
    • H.  Humility, Hope, Honesty, Happiness
    • I.  Illness, Inferiority, Immaturity
    • J.  Jealousy, Joy, Judging
    • M.  Meetings, Morals, Meditation
    • N.  New Life, Non-active, Newcomers
    • O.  One Day At A Time, Obligations
    • P.  Prayer, Principles, Personalities
    • Q.  Quiet Time, Quality vs Quantity
    • R.  Resentments, Recovery, Remorse
    • S.  Surrender, Serenity, Spirituality
    • T.  Temper, Tolerance, Truth, Today
    • U.  Usefulness, Unity, Understanding
    • V.  Vanity, Values, Virtues, Vulgarity
    • W.  Worry, Way of Life, Willingness
    • X-Y-Z.  Yesterday, Youth, Zeal

These topics were taken from two main sources—the official website of the AA General Service office in New York, and from miscellaneous sources on the Web.  Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list. Certainly, there are other topic suggestions that can be added.